Thanksgiving menu (Indian + Classic)

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Looking for something new to make this Thanksgiving? Try this interesting mix of South – Asian Inspired dishes as well as some classics for your dinner this year.

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Here’s the menu that I have shortlisted for Thanksgiving this year!

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This homemade garlic bread made in the air fryer is crispy, perfectly toasted, and ready in minutes. Make sure you make a double batch because this cheesy, buttery, garlic toast will disappear in seconds!

These air fryer roasted baby potatoes are flavorful, delicious, and easy to make. Seasoned to perfection, these Bombay potatoes makes for a perfect side dish with any meal.


Easy to make and delicious, this Non Alcoholic Apple Cider Sangria is a refreshing drink to celebrate fall!

I am just making one drink and keeping it simple. We will be getting a nice bottle of wine for the adults.

Main course and Side dishes

Oven Roasted Whole Cauliflower Tikka with a creamy tomato based sauce. A great vegetarian option for your Thanksgiving table!

Plain, Butter and Garlic naan recipe
Easily make pillowy soft naan bread with this plain, butter, and garlic naan recipe.

This yellow turmeric rice recipe comes together in just 20 minutes with the Instant Pot for a vibrant side dish that pairs with curries, seafood, chicken, and more!

I’ll probably make the whole Tandoori chicken or Turkey breast. I am including both recipes so you can take your pick.

Tender, juicy & packed with flavor, here’s a fail-proof Instant Pot recipe for Whole Tandoori Chicken, a classic Indian style Roasted Chicken. Enjoy this low-carb, keto & gluten-free recipe.

Easy recipe for Tandoori Turkey Breast that’s juicy and crispy-skinned. This star of the table can be prepared in the Instant Pot or oven with homemade gravy and cilantro lime crema to pass around.

Sweet, tart and so delicious, Cranberry sauce is a jelly like relish made by cooking cranberries & sugar. Its the perfect compliment to our holiday dinners!

This soup was the star of the dinner last year, and I can’t wait to make it again.

With the soup season almost here, you need to try this Thai Butternut Squash Soup. This mildly spiced soup is a great way to use all the fresh butternut Thai Butternut Squash Soup made in the Instant Pot. This vegan and gluten-free soup is packed with all the warm fall flavors and makes a comforting…

Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes – If you have been getting store-bought mashed potatoes, then I would suggest you give this Instant Pot recipe a try. It is a classic recipe that can be made in under 30 minutes and with very little effort. 

Gravy recipe – Here’s the link to the one I am going to make – Easy chicken gravy.

Easy to make steamed Brussels sprouts come together in 20 minutes with the Instant Pot for the perfect weeknight dinner side dish.

This air fryer green beans recipe is the easiest and most flavorful way to prepare this classic and healthy side dish! Plus, it all comes together in just 15 minutes.

Honey glazed Instant Pot carrots – Learn how to steam carrots in the Instant Pot and glaze them to make this delicious side dish. This carrot side dish is perfect for busy weeknights and for holiday dinners. 

These pillow-like Mini Slider buns are not only easy to make at home, they’re also quite versatile to be paired with a variety of fillings!

If time permits, I might make either sweet potatoes or baked potatoes – they are always a huge hit with the kids.

Naturally vegan and gluten-free these air fryer baked sweet potatoes cook up in 40 minutes for a healthy weeknight side dish everyone will enjoy.

Make this two-ingredient recipe for fork-tender Instant Pot Potatoes for an easy side dish everyone can enjoy.


For dessert, I am going to make Sweet Potato casserole with marshmallows – looks easy, and it is just like the one I had in mind. I am planning to skip adding the eggs, though.

We also love to make this soft and moist date cake. Your family will love it, and it is gone in seconds.

Date cake made from luscious dates is probably one of the moist cakes you have ever eaten! Best part – you can whip it up in a blender in no time.

What to do with leftover mashed potatoes

When I have leftover mashed potatoes, these are the recipes I go to –

Made from leftover mashed potatoes, there are four good reasons to love this Broccoli cheddar soup recipe – it is gluten-free, vegetarian, tastes just like the Panera version and needs only 20 minutes when you make it in an Instant Pot!

Got leftover mashed potatoes? Turn them into these cheesy potato muffins effortlessly. It is perfect for breakfast or as a side dish. It freezes well too! 

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