10-Minute Roasted Phool Makhana / Foxnuts

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Roasted phool makhana or fox nuts are an addictive treat perfect for movie nights or whenever hunger strikes. A healthy alternative to chips, this crispy and light snack made from puffed lily seeds is ready in 10 minutes.

A hand picking a makhana kept in a popcorn box
Roasted Phool Makhana / Foxnuts

It is common knowledge that people of all ages love crunchy foods. The sound that we hear when we take a bite into these chips provides a sensory experience that makes these snacks hard to resist. Unfortunately, crunchy foods like chips and fries are deep-fried and not good for us in the long run. 

Presenting a healthy option – Makhana! You’ll love it because it is 

  • Crispy and light
  • Absolutely delicious
  • Roasts in 10 minutes
  • It can be made vegan
  • Allergy-friendly – gluten-free and nut-free!
  • And…a nutrition-dense superfood! 

When you make this light and airy snack, your tastebuds and body will thank you. Store-bought ready-to-eat roasted makhana is expensive, so making it at home not only makes it cost-effective but also ensures you have a healthy snack available in minutes. 

 Alright, let’s find out what gives this food its superfood status. 

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What is makhana/foxnuts?

Makhana is often mistaken for lotus seeds, but they are actually made from the seeds of the water lily. The black seeds are naturally dried and roasted until they crack open to reveal the white-colored product that we call makhana. They are also popularly called fox nuts, gorgon nuts, or euryale.

Makhana is bland and tasteless on its own, but when mixed with spices, it absorbs all the flavors, making it finger-licking good. 

Makhana being roasted
Makhana / Foxnuts

Fun fact: 90% of the world’s production of foxnuts comes from Bihar, India. 

Why are foxnuts good for you?

Foxnuts started trending in 2019 in most parts of the world but have been consumed in India for centuries now. As per ancient Ayurvedic medicine, water lily seeds are one of the most prescribed seeds in Ayurveda because of the following reasons – 

  • Recommended for folks with diabetes because it is a food with a low glycemic index.
  • It is high in magnesium and potassium and low in sodium, which makes it heart-healthy. 
  • It is filling and low in calories which makes it an ideal snack for those who want to lose weight.
  • It is allergy-friendly – Gluten-free, GMO-free, and nut-free. 
  • It also has 50% more protein than popcorn. 
  • Makhanas also contain kaempferol, a flavonoid that helps slow down the aging process. 

Read more:  Water Lily seeds – the new superfood snack. 

Two white bowls filled with foxnuts
Roasted Foxnuts / Lily Pops

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Two white bowls filled with fox nuts
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Roasted Phool Makhana / Fox nuts Recipe

Makhana or foxnuts are an addictive treat that is perfect for movie nights or for whenever hunger strikes. A healthy alternative to chips, this crispy and light snack made from puffed lily seeds are ready in 10 minutes.
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Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 4



  • Add coconut oil or ghee (if using) to a wok kept over medium heat.
  • Once the ghee heats up, add all the spice powders – turmeric powder, salt, chaat masala, Kashmiri chili powder and mix well.
  • Add makhana and mix well to evenly coat.
  • Let it cook for about 8-10 minutes.
  • The makhanas are cooked when you can easily crush them when placed between your thumb and index finger.
  • Serve them immediately or save them for later in an air-tight container for up to 7 days.



  1. You can substitute ghee with any avocado, olive oil, or coconut oil to make it vegan. 
  2. Uncooked makhana can be a little chewy so make sure you cook it till it is fully cooked and turns completely crunchy. 
  3. You can add peanuts, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, etc in your tempering but I usually avoid it. It is because since makhanas are light just like popcorn if you add any other ingredients (other than spice powders) they just end up in the base of your pan.
  4. Totally skip the curry leaves if that’s not your thing. 
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Disclaimer: Approximate nutritional information is provided as a courtesy and can vary depending on the exact ingredients/brands used. If you have health issues, please work with a registered dietician or nutritionist.


Calories: 181kcalCarbohydrates: 32gProtein: 8gFat: 3gSaturated Fat: 2gSodium: 772mgPotassium: 657mgFiber: 1gSugar: 1gVitamin A: 164IUVitamin C: 35mgCalcium: 86mgIron: 2mg
Diet: Gluten-free
Course: Snacks
Method: Stovetop
Keywords: Roasted fox nuts
Cuisine: Indian
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