10+ Easy Smoothie Recipes That are Kid-Friendly

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Here is a list of 10+ easy smoothie recipes for when you need fresh ideas to keep your smoothie drinking routine interesting. Most are healthy, and a couple are indulgent, but they are all delicious, I promise ☺️. The best part, they are all kid-friendly!

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10 kid-friendly smoothie recipes

Smoothies are filling and delicious, which makes them perfect for breakfast, as a healthy snack for your afternoon cravings, and even as a post-workout drink.

These are not just good for you but also for your kids.

Serve them a fruit-based smoothie for when they are too rushed to grab a proper breakfast in the morning or when they are ravenously hungry after school. 

A smoothie in the afternoon will keep them satiated until dinner, which means no more unnecessary snacking!

If you are ready to start a healthy habit, then check out this collection of milk-based smoothie recipes that are just as creamy and delicious as a milkshake without the extra calories.

And you can totally make these smoothies with plant-based milk such as almond milk or any other non-dairy milk of your choice.  

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Banana Nutella smoothie

Your kids will love this delicious Banana Nutella Smoothie Recipe – a healthy-ish drink made from bananas and milk with a hint of Nutella and hot cocoa.

Dry fruit smoothie

Green smoothie recipe

If you're interested in starting an easy smoothie routine or just looking for a way to include healthy ingredients in your diet, then this simple green smoothie recipe is perfect for you!

Strawberry banana smoothie

This delicious 4-ingredient strawberry banana smoothie is perfect for busy families. Make it for breakfast or as an after-school snack – all you need is 5 minutes. 

Mango banana smoothie

This creamy and delicious Mango banana smoothie takes less than 10-minutes to make! While this recipe uses milk, you can easily make a dairy-free version by using coconut milk. Tastes great with frozen mangoes too! Try this tropical delight today.

Strawberry banana spinach smoothie

Here's a delicious twist on the popular Strawberry Banana Smoothie that tastes just as great and is loaded with the goodness of spinach and dates.

Creamy peanut butter banana smoothie

Craving a guilt-free indulgence? Try this easy peanut butter banana smoothie recipe! It's creamy, nutritious, and delicious just like a milkshake but without any added sugar.

Apple smoothie

Apple smoothie is a delicious way to start your day with the goodness of milk and apples and with no added sugar.  It is ready in less than 5 minutes – now you have no reason to skip breakfast.

Papaya mango smoothie

This tropical Papaya mango smoothie is the perfect way to start your day or recharge your body after an intense workout. It also makes for a great after-school snack and will keep your kids satiated until dinner time.

Apple banana smoothie

Are you looking for something that will satiate your sweet cravings in the mornings and also fulfill your need for eating healthy? A glass of Apple Banana smoothie is what you need!

Chocolate banana smoothie

Make this creamy chocolate banana smoothie with just six ingredients! It's a delicious, guilt-free treat that tastes like dessert.

Orange smoothie

Indulge in a creamy and refreshing Orange Julius Smoothie that tastes like a creamsicle in a glass. Packed with the goodness of fresh oranges, this healthy treat is a delightful alternative to sugary mall drinks.

Date and chikoo smoothie

Date and Chikoo Smoothie – This nutritious blended drink made from Date and Chikoo (Sapota) is a great treat for any time of the day.

Kesar pista smoothie

This smoothie combines saffron (kesar), and pistachios (pista) with banana, cardamom, and milk to create a delicious and nutrient-rich drink that’s perfect for kids and as a post-workout drink.

Chocolate almond smoothie

Indulge in a smoothie that tastes like dessert! This chocolate almond smoothie is the perfect balance of flavor and nutrition.

If you are looking for easy breakfast recipes, here are a few recommendations – 

  1. Lemon vermicelli -This delicious and tangy Semiya Upma (Lemon Vermicelli) is just what you need to start your day. It is filling and comes together in 15 minutes from start to finish.
  2. Buttermilk dosa – Buttermilk dosa – Delicious and soft, this dosa is perfect for breakfast, snacks, and even lunch. Learn how to make it in a few easy steps.
  3. Kapparutti – Kappa rutti or Kappa rotti – This soft in the center and crispy on the sides 4-ingredient dosa or pancake from Mangalore is a culinary delight. Try it out today – no fermentation required!
  4. Restaurant-Style Rava Upma – If you are looking for a South Indian rava upma recipe that is soft, moist, and melts in your mouth, just like the ones served in Udupi restaurants, then check out this recipe.

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