30+ Authentic Instant Pot Indian Curry Recipes

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Cooking Indian curries just got easier! Grab your Instant Pot and pick a recipe to make from this collection of Instant Pot curry recipes that include 30+ delicious vegetarian, chicken, lamb, and seafood curries to choose from.

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Easy Instant Pot Indian Curries

Making Indian curries, especially protein-based, can be time-consuming when cooked on a stovetop unless you are using a pressure cooker. While the traditional, stovetop pressure cooker is reliable and quick, it comes with a few issues.

It can spew liquid all over the stovetop, and one has to count the number of times the vent goes off to figure out when to turn off the gas. Basically, you have to be around to monitor the cooking.

Then came along Instant Pot, and it revolutionalized Indian cooking.

With its automatic shut-down, keep warm, and delayed start features, the Instant Pot pressure cooker has become an almost hands-free device that everyone can’t stop raving about. Also, unlike the stovetop pressure cooker, this electric one doesn’t create a mess.

But what most folks love most about the Instant Pot are the saute and pressure cooking functions. Sauteeing helps in browning the meat and caramelizing the onions, while the pressure cooking function softens pulses to the perfect melt-in-the-mouth texture, cooks veggies just right, and the meats come out tender, juicy and flavorful.

That’s why Instant Pot has become a go-to kitchen device for making Indian food for many, including me. I have cooked a wide variety of Indian curries and dals in the Instant Pot, and I am so excited to share those tried and tested recipes with you.

The collection below has a good mix of easy everyday meals as well as popular restaurant-style curries from Indian cuisine. Enjoy!

Vegetarian curries and dal

Punjabi Rajma Masala

Use your Instant Pot pressure cooker to make this quick & delicious dhaba-style Punjabi rajma masala. While you can serve it with rotis, the combination of rajma and chawal (rice) is what makes this dish truly special. 

This quick & easy one-pot Punjabi rajma masala curry is super simple to make and loaded with rich and delicious flavors.

Channa masala

Chana masala, widely known as Punjabi Choley, is a flavorful, high-protein dish that appeals to both meat lovers as well as vegans and is perfect for a crowd. Pressure-cooked choley is added to an onion-tomato-based sauce that has been seasoned with spices. It is then cooked some more till all the flavors have melded in. The end result is pure deliciousness!

Punjabi Chana Masala (Choley) popularly known as the Indian Chickpea Curry in the US is a robustly flavored curry that can be quickly put together when cooked in a traditional pressure cooker or an Instant Pot.

Chawli (lobia masala)

Black-eyed peas curry, chawli, or lobia masala is a flavorful curry made with a few simple ingredients. It pairs well with both rotis and steaming hot rice.

Black-eyed peas curry, chawli or lobia masala is a simple yet flavorful curry that pairs well with rice and roti. This particular legume curry is my favorite food – it is healthy and satisfying.

Moong bean curry

This quick and easy Instant Pot Moong Bean Curry makes a delicious dinner or side dish in under 30 minutes. Pair this plant-based and gluten-free Whole Mung Dal (or sabut moong dal) recipe with rice or roti for the perfect weeknight meal!

Make a delicious and protein-packed bowl of Mung Bean Curry with your Instant Pot in just 30 minutes!

Dal makhani

If you have never had Dal Makhani before, think of it as a creamy, lightly-spiced curry made from whole urad dal and red kidney beans (rajma). You could easily overpower the dish with spices but don’t just a hint of garam masala is enough. The stars of this dish are the lentils – let them shine.  

Restaurant-Style Dal Makhani – You've got to try this creamy delicious lentil curry that graces the menus of Indian restaurants worldwide. Learn how to replicate the flavors of this traditionally slow-cooked curry quickly in an Instant Pot

Langarwali dal

Satisfy your soul and your stomach with this flavor-filled langarwali dal – a creamy mixed lentil curry that cooks effortlessly in the Instant Pot. Pair it with jeera rice or cumin rice for a complete gastronomic experience. 

This recipe for creamy langarwali dal will steal your heart. Make sure to make a double batch because this delicious lentil curry will be gone in seconds. 


Here’s the thing with any sambar recipe, including mine – the end result may be totally different from the sambar you’ve tasted in a restaurant or a friend’s home. This is because not only does every state in the southern part of India has its own way of cooking sambar, it is also because how the sambar tastes can vary depending on what vegetables you are using and if you have used store-bought sambar masala or made one at home. Check out my go-to recipe below.

Sambar or Sambhar is a tangy and mildly spicy lentil-vegetable stew from the southern part of India. It is a staple in most South Indian homes and is served alongside idlis or dosas for breakfast or with rice for lunch/dinner.


Tomato rasam (Udupi saaru) is a delightfully tangy and spicy concoction that is often served with rice or savored as is. Learn how to make this simple yet tantalizing soup in your Instant Pot effortlessly. 

Rasam is a lentil-based curry full of tang and flavor. Drink it as a soup or serve it rice – you'll enjoy it either way.

Tadka dal

With toor dal as its key ingredient, this tadka dal is easy to make, needs only a few ingredients, and makes for a nutritious accompaniment to roti or rice.

One pot recipes are the best! That’s why you’ll love this Tadka dal (tempered dal) recipe – make it in an Instant Pot or a pressure cooker – and you’ll have your meal ready in no time.

Dal fry

This recipe for dal fry comes from my mom’s kitchen and is fabulous if you ask me. I know I am biased, but I would love for you to try it and share your opinion.

This recipe for Dal Fry is very close to my heart because it comes from my mom’s kitchen. This is my humble attempt to recreate the hearty and lip-smacking dal my mom makes in an Instant Pot. Stovetop recipe is included as well.

Spinach dal

Mildly spiced and oh-so-creamy, this Spinach Dal (Dal Palak) recipe comes together in under 30 minutes for a protein-packed meal everyone will enjoy. This hearty, vegetarian spinach dahl cooks up in one pot for a comforting meal you can easily pair with fresh rice or roti.

Love lentil soups? Try this creamy dal palak (spinach dal) recipe. Takes 30 minutes in an Instant Pot or stovetop for a quick and easy vegetarian dish.

Moong dal

If you are looking for a comforting, healthy, and easy weeknight meal, you’ll love this flavorful recipe for moong dal (yellow lentil soup). Also known as mung dhal soup, it’s a vegan-friendly lentil dish that pairs perfectly with rice, rotis, and many other popular Indian dishes. Make it in your Instant Pot or over the stovetop.

Moong dal (Yellow lentil soup) is a flavorful and delicious lentil dish that makes for an easy weeknight meal. Best of all? It's healthy too!

Trevti dal

A popular dal from Gujarati cuisine, trevti dal is also known as chevti dal or yellow dal and typically has no onion or garlic. This makes for a simple recipe that can easily be prepared for lunch or dinner and can be served as a soup or with rice.

This Gujarati Trevti Dal recipe is a delicious and creamy mixed lentil dish that is simple to prepare. A versatile Indian recipe that is a combination of three dals can easily be made vegan and gluten-free. All you need is 30 minutes!

Gujarati dal

Every Indian household has a version of dal that is cooked at home. Most dal recipes are usually mildly spicy, but what makes this Gujarati dal recipe special is its sweet and tangy taste.

This authentic Gujarati Dal is a treasured recipe that has been adapted to cook in the Instant Pot. Best of all? You can cook your rice at the same time, thanks to the pot-in-pot method. 

Pav bhaji

What started off as a humble roadside snack has become insanely popular – from roadside stalls to fine dining restaurants, pav bhaji has made a permanent place for itself in Indian restaurant menus worldwide. Check out this easy Instant Pot recipe below.

Loaded with veggies and butter, Pav bhaji is one of the most loved street food in India. Learn how to make Pav bhaji in an Instant Pot or a traditional pressure cooker in about 30 minutes.

Palak paneer

If you have never had palak paneer before, think of it as a mildly spicy, creamy curry made from spinach and cottage cheese and a few basic Indian spices. The silky texture makes it a popular dish to dunk your naans in. 

This simple and easy Palak Paneer (saag paneer) recipe is a healthier take on the popular restaurant-style spinach and cottage cheese curry. Learn how to make it quickly using an Instant Pot or stovetop. 

Paneer tikka masala

This restaurant-quality paneer butter masala is so easy to make in the Instant Pot that you will not consider takeout again.

Paneer Tikka Masala is a flavorful & aromatic curry, made with marinated & grilled paneer cubes simmered in a rich onion tomato gravy, with warm spices.

Gujarati kadhi

Gujarati kadhi is a delicious yogurt-based curry that will bowl you over with its sweet and sour taste. Use an Instant Pot to make it a one-pot meal. 

Kadhi is a simple yogurt-based curry that will bowl you over with its sweet and sour taste. Pair with rice and a vegetable dish for a complete meal.

Aloo saag

When it comes to a quick and comforting recipe, this Punjabi aloo palak hits the mark. Ready in under 30 minutes, filling, and full of flavor, this spinach curry with potatoes will convince even your pickiest eaters to love spinach.

Healthy, hearty, and ready in under 30 minutes, this simple recipe for aloo saag makes a delicious vegetarian entree perfect for busy weeknights.

Punjabi dum aloo

Dum Aloo is traditionally made by deep-frying whole potatoes and then slow-cooking them in an onion-tomato-based gravy. It is a popular north Indian dish and is commonly found in most Indian restaurants. This recipe calls for shallow frying potatoes and is a healthier take on the classic dum aloo recipe. 

This easy and delicious Punjabi style Dum Aloo gravy is perfect for families who want to savor this lovely dish without spending hours in the kitchen. Leverage your pressure cooker and make it in about 30-minutes. 

Aloo matar

Instant Pot aloo matar – this simple peas and potato curry recipe are perfect for days when you want a fuss-free meal that is easy to make and delicious. Pair it with roti or rice to make it a complete meal.

Instant Pot Aloo matar is a delicious potato and peas curry that you can make in 30 minutes. Serve with ghee laden rotis to make it a complete meal.

Egg and Chicken curries

Egg curry

Love eggs? Try this easy North Indian-style egg curry recipe. It is perfect for when you want a quick meal.

Egg curry recipe – There are so many things that you can do with boiled eggs, but lately, we’ve been into this delicious North-Indian style egg curry that you can quickly make in an Instant Pot or stove top. Pair it with rice or rotis to make a complete meal.

Instant Pot Butter chicken

Butter chicken or chicken makhani is one of the most popular North Indian dishes in which boneless chicken thighs are cooked in a buttery onion-tomato sauce with a medley of spices. Try this delicious Indian chicken curry with naan bread or steamed rice.

This authentic and 30-minute Indian Butter chicken recipe is so easy and delicious that I guarantee that once you make it at home, it will soon be part of your weekly dinner menu.

Instant Pot chicken tikka masala

Grilled chicken pieces (tikkas) which are crisp on the outside and succulent on the side, are added to a creamy onion-tomato-based gravy to make this finger-licking Indian chicken dish. Most Indian chicken curries are on the spicier side, but you can make this one as mild as you want without impacting the taste. That’s what makes it such a popular dish worldwide.

Making chicken tikka masala at home is easier than you think! Learn how to make this iconic dish in an Instant Pot quickly and effortlessly. You'll never do takeout again!

Indian chicken curry

There are so many things you can do with chicken, but lately, we’ve been loving this spicy and aromatic North Indian-style chicken curry. This simple Indian chicken curry recipe made with bone-in chicken is one more reason you’ll love cooking in your Instant Pot. Serve it with Basmati rice, jasmine rice, or brown rice to make it a meal.

Looking for a simple and authentic chicken curry to make in your Instant Pot? This North Indian-style Chicken curry recipe won’t disappoint. Simple, easy, and flavorful, this chicken dish is a crowd-pleaser. 

Mangalorean chicken curry

Mangalorean chicken curry or Kori Gassi is a chicken curry like no other. This fiery red chicken curry combines the mild sweetness of full-fat coconut milk with a medley of whole spices to create a complexly flavored curry that is a treat to your senses.

Mangalorean chicken curry combines chicken and coconut milk with a medley of spices to create a complexly flavored curry that is a treat to your senses.

Chicken vindaloo

Learn how to make this tangy finger-licking chicken vindaloo curry in an Instant Pot or Stovetop. It is gluten and dairy-free and absolutely delicious! Serve it with warm pav (dinner rolls) for an authentic experience. 

Learn how to make this fiery tangy Goan chicken vindaloo curry in an Instant Pot or pressure cooker in no time. It is gluten and dairy free too!

Chicken Chettinad

What makes this dish stand out is its rich, spicy, and aromatic flavor. It is always cooked with a special blend of freshly roasted and ground spice mix or masala. The fresh masala infuses the dish with all its flavors and gives the Chettinad Chicken its gorgeous aroma and signature spicy taste.  

If you like spicy chicken curries then this fiery, aromatic Chicken Chettinad curry is right up your alley. Delicious to the core, you’ll want to lick your plate off. 

Methi chicken

Instant Pot Methi Chicken comes together in 30 minutes for a flavorful weeknight dinner. Tender marinated chicken simmered in a fenugreek curry makes for a lip-smacking dish everyone will enjoy!

Make this quick and easy Methi Chicken in your Instant pot for a 30 minute meal everyone will enjoy!

Seafood curries

Salmon tikka masala

Got 30 minutes? Make this Instant Pot Salmon Tikka Masala recipe. This delicious fish curry combines marinated bite-sized pieces of salmon in a creamy, spiced tikka masala sauce. Serve it with naan or Basmati rice and some onion raita to make it an extra-special weeknight dinner. 

This quick and easy salmon tikka masala cooks up in 30 minutes for a perfect weeknight dinner. The creamy tikka masala sauce can be made in advance or at the time of cooking, either way, it packs the flavor!

Prawns balchao

This seafood curry from Goa is a must-try in my book. It is spicy and tangy and goes really well with steamed rice.

Prawns Balchao is a fiery dish that finds its origins in Goa. Prawns are stir-fried first and then added to a pickled curry sauce to create a dish that makes your taste buds tingle and leaves you asking for more.

How to meal prep Indian curries

If you like to meal plan and prep, then you’ll find making these two basic Indian sauces, bhuna masala and tikka masala sauce, very helpful. Having these sauces stocked in your freezer will allow you to cook Indian food in minutes. Check out the recipes below.

Indian curry sauce (Bhuna masala)

curry sauce (bhuna masala) is a base onion-tomato masala gravy that can help create delicious Indian meals in a fraction of the time. Use it to make the most popular Indian recipes, from biryanis to curries like kidney beans (rajma) or chana masala – all with the same base sauce.

Easy Indian curry sauce recipe – Whether you make Indian food regularly or occasionally, having this onion tomato bhuna masala in your refrigerator will save you time. Skip Indian takeout and make fresh and delicious Indian meals in minutes!

Tikka masala sauce

For those who want to balance the need of wanting to eat fresh food every day without spending hours in the kitchen, a simmer sauce like this one is a perfect solution. Add fresh or frozen vegetables, meat, seafood, paneer, and tofu to this tikka masala sauce to create delicious meals in minutes.

This tikka masala sauce recipe yields you a simmer sauce that you can use to make Indian food in minutes. Make this sauce in advance and turn your weeknight dinner woes into a win. 

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