30+ Authentic Indian Flatbread Recipes

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From naan to parathas to many different types of rotis, this list of 30+ Indian flatbread recipes will not disappoint. They are perfect for brunch, lunch, or dinner with a delicious bowl of Indian curry. You can also enjoy them for breakfast or as a snack with a hot cup of tea.

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Authentic Indian Bread Recipes

Indian flatbread and its variations

From dunking into curries to dipping in pickles and raitas to scooping up a side dish, breads are an integral part of the Indian diet.

Indian cuisine is known to be diverse, and just like the curries, there is a huge variety of breads made in the Indian subcontinent. From unleavened bread such as rotis and parathas to leavened ones like naan to fermented crepes like dosa, the variations are endless.

This is because every region in India uses locally available ingredients to make these breads. They are cooked in different ways, too – some are pan-fried, deep-fried, steamed, baked, or cooked in a tandoor oven.

Note: Leavened breads are the ones that contain a rising agent such as active dry yeast, baking powder, etc. The leavening or rising agents make the bread lighter and airier.

What do you serve with Indian bread?

Depending on the flatbread, the accompaniments may vary. Here’s a general rule of thumb –

  • Rotis, plain parathas, naan, and layered parathas are often served with curries, dal, or side dishes (vegetable or protein-based).
  • Stuffed parathas such as aloo paratha and paneer paratha are often served with homemade yogurt, raita, and pickles. You can also serve it with mango lassi, sweet lassi, or a hot cup of ginger or masala tea.
  • South Indian rotis and dosas are usually served with chutneys.

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From breakfast to dinner and to everything in between, Indian bread makes its way into our daily meals one way or the other. Let’s look at the most popular flatbreads in the Indian subcontinent.

Deep-fried Indian bread

Poori with Aloo bhaji

Poori is a deep-fried bread that is often served for breakfast or lunch with aloo bhaji (spicy potato side dish) or shrikhand (sweetened hung yogurt). The recipe below will give you all the tips and tricks to make puffed-up pooris.

Poori is a deep fried Indian bread commonly consumed as breakfast or sometimes as a meal accompanied by Aloo Subzi (Potato gravy). Here’s a fail-proof recipe to make those puffed up pooris that we all love!


Popular puffed Indian deep-fried bread, bhatura is best enjoyed with chole (spiced chickpea curry). Chole Bhature is one of North India’s most popular dishes!

Learn how to make bhatura – the famous Indian puffed deep-fried bread at home with these easy step-by-step instructions! Bhatura tastes best with chole (chickpea curry)!

Mangalore Buns

Mangalore buns, also called sweet banana buns, are one of a kind. They are almost like a poori but slightly thicker with a hint of sweetness. You can serve it with coconut chutney or have it as-is.

Whole Wheat Mangalore Buns is a deliciously soft and fluffy puri made using overripe bananas and flour and is a popular breakfast or a tea time snack served in the coastal region of Karnataka.

Restaurant bread baskets

In most Indian restaurants in the US, you can sample a variety of flatbreads when you order the bread basket. The ones listed below are the most popular. Try making them at home; I am sure you’ll love the taste of homemade bread much better.

Homemade Naan Recipe – 3 ways (plain, butter, and garlic)

Naan is probably the most popular Indian flatbread served in Indian restaurants worldwide. Buttery garlic naan is often served with butter chicken or with a side of tandoori chicken.

Though naan is traditionally made in a clay oven (tandoor), you can make it at home without one. This easy-to-follow post will teach you how to make pillowy soft plain, butter, or garlic Indian naan bread at home using your stovetop. 

Plain, Butter and Garlic naan recipe
Easily make pillowy soft naan bread with this plain, butter, and garlic naan recipe.

Tandoori roti

Make restaurant-style Tandoori Roti at home without any tandoor with this easy step-by-step recipe. These rotis are crisp on the edges and soft in the center. Serve them with a bit of melted butter or ghee slathered on top with your favorite curries.

Make restaurant-style Tandoori Roti at home without tandoor with this easy step by step recipe. Enjoy with dal and creamy curries!

Rumali roti

Rumali Roti or Roomali Roti, or Manda, is a vegan, soft, and thin tasty flatbread made using a combination of all-purpose flour and wheat flour. This flatbread can be served with any curry or gravy of your choice.

Rumali Roti / Roomali Roti is a vegan, soft and thin tasty flatbread recipe popular in India prepared using all purpose flour and wheat flour.

Kerala / Malabar parotta

Kerala Parotta or Malabar Parotta is a layered, flaky Indian flatbread that goes great with curries. It is also called khasta paratha. Learn how to make South Indian parotta from scratch.

Kerala Parotta or Malabar Parotta is a layered Indian flatbread which goes great with curries. Here is how to make it in a traditional way.

Bread kulcha

Make Delhi-style Bread Kulcha with this easy step-by-step recipe! These soft kulchas go so well with the classic matar chaat!

Make Delhi-style bread kulcha at home with this easy recipe. It makes the perfect accompaniment to matar chaat!

Soft Chapati / Roti / Phulka

Did you know most Indians don’t make naan at home as often as they make rotis, chapatis, or phulkas at home? Rotis made with whole wheat flour are considered healthier than naan. This unleavened Indian flatbread is consumed almost daily in the Northern and western parts of India.

Chapatis are often cooked in a cast iron skillet or a nonstick pan over medium heat. Once brown spots appear on both sides, they are cooked over a direct flame to puff them up.

The biggest challenge with rotis is to make them soft and puffy. Don’t worry; I’ve gotten down all the tips and tricks to nail a perfect roti or chapati. While there are many different types of roti recipes below, let’s get started with the basic roti made with whole wheat flour.

Learn to make soft and puffed up rotis like a pro – Are your rotis turning out like frisbees? Follow this recipe to make soft Rotis or Chapatis every time!

Types of roti

Makki ki roti (Maize flour roti)

North Indians love makki ki roti, a flatbread made with maize flour. It is a staple during winters and often enjoyed with sarson ka saag (greens).

Makki ki roti is a gluten-free flatbread made with maize flour. It is a winter staple in Northern parts of India during winters often, served with saag & butter!

Bajra roti

Bajra Roti is a gluten-free flatbread made from finely ground pearl millet flour. These instant rotis need no leavening, just flour, water, and a little bit of practice. 

A staple in Indian cuisine, Bajra Roti is a gluten-free flatbread made from Pearl Millet flour. Here is a step-by-step recipe with all the tips & a video showing how to make the perfect Bajra Roti.

Akki roti (Rice roti)

Akki roti is a gluten-free flatbread from Karnataka. Made from rice flour and veggies, this nutritious dish not only tastes good but is easy on your stomach, too.

Step-wise picture recipe to make Karnataka Special Akki Roti, a flat bread made with Rice Flour. This gluten-free breakfast indulgence is both healthy and delicious too!

Different types of paratha

Parathas are crispy and flaky flatbreads that are not too different from rotis as far as the ingredients are involved. The difference lies in how it is rolled.

Parathas are rolled into a circular shape and then smeared with ghee or oil. The dough is then folded several times and then rolled again. This gives the bread a flaky texture.

Not all parathas are layered; some are stuffed, too. Layered parathas have spices or fillings added while making the dough, whereas stuffed parathas, such as the popular aloo paratha, have stuffings filled in during the rolling process.

Stuffed parathas are perfect for when you want a hearty breakfast or brunch. Plain parathas or layered parathas are often served with curry dishes and sometimes even for snacks along with evening tea.

Equipment needed

You’ll need the following equipment to make parathas and rotis

Plain Paratha

This is an easy paratha recipe for you to get started with. The step-by-step photos in this post will teach you how to make round, square, and triangular parathas in no time.

This foolproof recipe for plain paratha results in the most crispy and flaky layers possible – just follow the step by step recipe!

Laccha paratha

Beautifully layered, this crispy and flaky flatbread comes together with five simple ingredients. Perfect for breakfast, a snack, or served alongside dals, curries, and more, this buttery Indian flatbread satisfies everyone!

This simple recipe for lacha paratha made with whole wheat flour yields flaky layered unleavened bread perfect for dals, curries, and more!

Ajwain paratha (Carom seeds flatbread)

This fragrant Indian flatbread made with carom seeds and whole wheat flour is a delicious twist on the plain paratha. Have it for lunch with curries or for evening snacks with tea – it tastes great either way.

Ajwain paratha – This fragrant Indian flatbread made with carom seeds and whole wheat flour is an excellent option when you are in the mood for something different. Serve it with curries or dal or for breakfast / snacks along with pickle and raita.

Aloo paratha (Spiced potato parathas)

This Indian flatbread made with spiced mashed potatoes is the perfect way to start your day. Pack it for lunch or savor it for brunch – this filling, healthy meal is perfect for any time of the day. 

Learn all the tips and tricks to make perfect Aloo parathas at home every time. This kid favorite meal is perfect for school lunches!

Methi paratha (Fenugreek flatbread)

If you like methi theplas, you’ll enjoy this variety of paratha made from methi (fenugreek leaves). The fragrant methi leaves make these healthy parathas a gastronomic experience that you won’t soon forget.

This flavorful methi paratha or methi roti makes the perfect savory breakfast, snack, or lunch accompaniment.

Pyaaz paratha (Onion paratha)

Filled with onions and aromatic spices, this stuffed onion paratha recipe definitely packs a punch.

This savory onion paratha recipe is perfect for serving for breakfast, lunch, or as a delicious after-school snack.

Paneer paratha (Crumbled cottage cheese paratha)

This paneer paratha is a favorite with my kids. What I love most is that it is easy to prep ahead, and it freezes well, too.

This Indian bread stuffed with crumbled cottage cheese makes for a filling breakfast and serves as a great lunch box option too. You can make it in and freeze it – tastes just as great when reheated.

Gobi Paratha (Grated cauliflower paratha)

Gobhi paratha is a popular flatbread stuffed with spicy cauliflower filling. It’s enjoyed with yogurt, Indian pickles, and some hot cup of chai on the side.

Indian Flatbread Gobi Paratha is stuffed with a spicy cauliflower filling and tastes great with chutney or yogurt. Makes great breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Mooli paratha (Radish paratha)

Whole wheat flatbread stuffed with grated white radish, this mooli paratha makes a filling breakfast or lunch!

Mooli Paratha is a whole wheat flatbread stuffed with grated white radish and lightly seasoned with cilantro, carom seeds & garam masala!

Masala paratha (Spiced flatbread)

Flavorful and flaky, this masala paratha recipe makes a hearty breakfast, filling lunch, or satiating snack. With variations for both paratha and roti, this spiced Indian flatbread is sure to hit the spot.

Learn how to make a soft and flaky masala paratha or roti with this easy to follow recipe. Perfect for a hearty breakfast or snack, this spiced flatbread is sure to hit the spot.

Methi thepla

Methi thepla, a flatbread made from fenugreek leaves (methi) is one of the iconic dishes from the western Indian state of Gujarat. It is a versatile dish that makes for a popular breakfast or snack.

Craving for more paratha Recipes?

15+ Best Paratha Recipes

You’ll love this collection of delicious Indian paratha recipes. Savor this pan-fried flaky flatbread with curries or as breakfast/snack with tea.

Baked bread

Laadi pav

These eggless ladi pavs are surprisingly simple to make and taste much better than the store-bought ones. These golden pavs make a perfect meal when paired with pav bhaji.

Homemade Ladi Pav and Buns is one of the easiest bread to bake. How to make Ladi pav in a cooker. Proof ladi pav dough in an Instant pot

Types of Dosa

Indian breads made in the northern and western regions are made from wheat flour, while breads such as dosas made from fermented rice batter are more common in southern India. Here are a few popular breads from South India.

Crispy Dosa

This is the plain dosa or sada dosa recipe. You can easily tailor this recipe to make masala dosa or cheese dosa.

Learn how to make crispy dosa from scratch with homemade batter, along with all the tips & tricks to get perfect dosas every time!


Uttapam is savory pancakes with crispy golden edges and a pillowy soft center topped with veggies. Traditionally served as breakfast in India, wholesome Uttapam also makes for a quick and satiating meal.

With crispy edges and pillowy soft center, Uttapams are mouthwatering savory pancake made from a fermented batter of rice and lentils topped with veggies.

Buttermilk dosa

These buttermilk dosas are one of a kind – they are soft and literally melt in your mouth. Serve it with coconut chutney or your favorite chicken curry.

Delicious and soft, this buttermilk dosa is perfect for breakfast, snack, and even lunch. Learn how to make it in a few easy steps.

Kappa rotti

Kappa rutti or Kappa rotti – This soft in the center and crispy on the sides; 4-ingredient dosa or pancake from Mangalore is a culinary delight. Try it out today – no fermentation required!

If you are in the mood to mix-up your breakfast routine, then you’ve got to check out this 4-ingredient dosa or pancake from Mangalore called Kappa rutti or Kappa rotti. It is soft in the center and crispy on the sides and is a culinary delight when paired with chutneys or leftover fish curry.

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Moong dal dosa

Moong Dal Dosa is a savory crepe made with moong dal (split petite yellow lentils). It’s gluten-free, easy to make, and makes a filling breakfast or lunch. Stuff it with paneer or tofu (for the vegan version), and you have got a complete protein-packed meal!

Easy gluten-free dosa made with yellow moong dal. These are great on their own of stuff with a paneer filling for a wholesome meal.

Neer dosa

This thin crepe from Mangalore is a must-try in my book. Delicate and soft, this rice crepe tastes great with coconut chutney and kori gassi (Mangalorean chicken curry).

Neer dosa is a thin crepe made from rice flour is a delicious accompaniment to Mangalorean curries. Learn this fail-proof recipe to make these soft dosas.

Besan chilla

Besan Chilla is a savory pancake made with gram flour and veggies. It’s vegan, gluten-free, and a popular breakfast in India!

Savory pancakes made with gram flour, this Besan Chilla is a popular Indian breakfast which is also vegan, gluten-free and nutritious.

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