The Best Paneer Recipes (35+ dishes)

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If you are looking for inspiring new ways to cook paneer (Indian cottage cheese), I’ve got you covered. From appetizers to curries and biryanis to parathas, you’ll find 30+ different ways you can turn your block of paneer into a scrumptious dish.

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What is paneer

Paneer is an unaged cheese – meaning you can eat it right after it is set. This soft and spongy unsalted cheese is made from either cow’s or buffalo’s milk.

It is a non-melting cheese that holds its shape when cooked. This means that it can be grilled, fried, added to curries, and even baked.

It has a firm texture, like tofu, that allows it to be chopped into cubes without crumbling. This Indian cheese does not disintegrate in curries because, unlike most cheeses that are cooked with rennet, paneer is cooked with an acidic agent.

Read more: Paneer and the origin of cheese in India. 

How to make homemade paneer

Before we jump to your favorite paneer recipes, let’s quickly walk through how to make fresh paneer quickly and easily using an Instant Pot (or stovetop). All you need is two ingredients! Trust me when I say this – fresh cheese beats store-bought any day.

Make this soft and spongy homemade paneer (Indian cottage cheese) with only two ingredients & in just 20 minutes with your Instant pot!

Best storebought paneer in the US

If you are living in the US, here are the two brands of paneer I recommend – Haldiram’s and Nanak paneer. You can find them in most Indian grocery stores in the frozen section. They either come as a slab or cubes. I prefer the cubes since they are ready to use, and no chopping is needed.

Dishes made from paneer

Paneer has become a quintessential part of Indian cuisine. It elevates any dish that it is added to. That’s why you’ll often see paneer paired with other veggies such as peas, potatoes, bell peppers, spinach, etc.

The versatility of this Indian cheese is what makes it such a favored ingredient when cooking at home and in Indian restaurants worldwide.

Let’s check out the most popular and delicious paneer recipes that are categorized by course.


Yes, you can have Indian paneer for breakfast as well! Check out these popular Indian paneer recipes that are a great way to start your day!

Paneer bhurji

Start your day right with this protein-packed scrambled paneer.

Super fast Paneer Bhurji or cottage cheese scramble with turmeric and spices for an easy to make Indian breakfast. One pan and ready in 15 minutes!

Paneer paratha

What I love about this paneer paratha recipe is that the crumbled paneer stuffing can be made in advance and frozen. Perfect for meal prepping!

This Indian bread stuffed with crumbled cottage cheese makes for a filling breakfast and serves as a great lunch box option too. You can make it in and freeze it – tastes just as great when reheated.

Palak paneer paratha

If you like palak paneer, this paratha recipe has your name written all over it!

This paratha stuffed with a mixture of spinach and paneer is pure bliss!


Check out these easy Indian starter recipes made with paneer.

Schezwan paneer momos

If you love momos, this Indo-Chinese paneer momos recipe is definitely worth a shot!

These Paneer Momos are filled with vegetables, paneer and tossed with a homemade schezwan sauce. If you love momos, then give these a try!

Chili paneer

Chili paneer is another lip-smacking Indo-Chinese appetizer that is perfect for parties!

This Chilli Paneer recipe combines soft paneer cubes pan-fried to crispy perfection, then stir-fried with vegetables and a lip-smacking, umami-packed sauce.

Sabudana vada stuffed with paneer

Classic sabudana vada recipe gets a makeover with this paneer stuffed recipe!

Foolproof recipe for Sabudana Vadas that are extra crispy on the outside and stuffed with a creamy paneer filling. Perfect fasting food for Navratri!

Hariyali paneer tikka

This delicious combo of cilantro-mint paste and paneer makes for a perfect starter to any meal.

Hariyali Paneer Tikka has cubes of paneer and veggies marinated with a paste made of cilantro & mint, which is then cooked until charred.

Aloo paneer tikkis

Make these potato-paneer tikkis or cutlets whenever you are craving chaat. These are perfect with cilantro lime chutney or ketchup!

These aloo paneer tikkis are North Indian style cutlets which are made healthy with oats and will satisfy your chaat cravings. The kids love them!

Paneer pakora (2 ways)

This recipe will teach you how to make two different kinds of paneer pakora and shares a secret trick to make them super crispy!

Here are two amazing recipes for paneer pakoras – with a chatpata masala, and a stuffed paneer pakora. Plus, there’s a secret tip to making the batter super crispy!

Paneer matar kabab

This crispy, gluten-free Indian cottage cheese and green pea snack is so delicious that it’ll blow your mind.

These scrumptious green pea kebabs, or tikkis are super easy and take only 20 minutes to assemble.

Paneer kathi roll

Missing Indian street food? Try this paneer kathi roll made with seasoned paneer – it’s finger-licking good!

These flavorful and easy Paneer Kathi Rolls are made with seasoned paneer, onions, peppers, and tamarind chutney wrapped tightly in a warm paratha.

Sesame grilled paneer

Looking for a quick & easy appetizer? You have to try this sesame-grilled paneer recipe!

Sesame Grilled Paneer is a delicious and healthy snack or party appetizer option which can be made in a jiffy.

15-minute paneer kabab

A 15-minute paneer kabab recipe! What more could a paneer lover ask for?

These crispy shallow fried kababs seasoned with spices and dry fruits make for a delicious treat!

Curries & side dishes

This section includes all the popular paneer gravy recipes, from paneer butter masala to saag paneer. Serve them with either steamed rice or Indian bread like roti, naan bread, or parathas!

Matar paneer

Replicate the flavors of restaurant-style matar paneer curry with this easy recipe!

Paneer lovers rejoice! Here’s a delicious and creamy, easy restaurant-style matar paneer recipe that you’ve got to check out.

Paneer tikka masala

Paneer tikka masala dish is probably the most popular Indian paneer recipe that most people can’t get enough of. Tastes great with Basmati rice, tandoori roti, and naan.

In this easy Instant Pot Paneer Tikka Masala recipe, soft paneer cubes are simmered in an aromatic and mildly seasoned creamy tomato sauce.

Kadhai paneer

This popular kadai paneer recipe is made by cooking paneer chunks, sliced onions, and bell peppers in a spicy kadai masala made from freshly ground spices.

This restaurant-style Kadhai paneer is made with freshly ground spices, chunks of paneer, and a blend of onions, peppers, and a spicy masala sauce. Serve it with fresh roti or naan for a filling weeknight dinner.

Paneer makhani

This recipe for paneer makhani is a delicious treat when served with jeera rice. Learn how to make this popular paneer dish using cashew nuts to get that rich, creamy taste.

Follow this easy and simplified recipe to make Restaurant-style Paneer Butter Masala or Paneer Makhani at home!

Saag/palak paneer

Check out this almost-hands-free recipe to make this restaurant favorite at home.

This simple and easy Palak Paneer (saag paneer) recipe is a healthier take on the popular restaurant-style spinach and cottage cheese curry. Learn how to make it quickly using an Instant Pot or stovetop. 

Shahi paneer

Creamy shahi paneer is one of the most popular paneer recipes! This rich curry is made with onions, nuts and lightly flavored with spices. Goes so well with naan!

Shahi Paneer is Indian cottage cheese cooked in a rich and creamy curry. Perfect accompaniment to naan & rice!

Aloo matar paneer

Got curry sauce or bhuna masala at home? If so, try this Instant Pot Aloo matar paneer recipe. I love that it comes together in 20 minutes!

Easy and quick Aloo Matar Paneer made using frozen onion tomato masala. This curry is a breeze to make in the Instant Pot – it cooks in 20 minutes!

Paneer ghee roast

Are you a fan of chicken ghee roast? This vegetarian take on that classic Mangalorean recipe will not disappoint!

Paneer ghee roast is a vegetarian take on Mangalorean chicken ghee roast. Serve it with neer dosa, dosa, or lachha paratha.

Spicy achari paneer

Paneer in pickling spices – need I say more? Try this delectable dish that’ll tickle your senses and will leave you asking for seconds and thirds.

Make this authentic recipe for achari paneer and surprise your family with a taste they won’t forget!

Paneer pasanda

Follow this step-by-step recipe to make this popular restaurant dish at home.

Paneer Pasanda has paneer triangles stuffed with rich khoya mixture and then shallow fried in a thick, creamy, tomato based gravy.

Methi malai matar paneer

This recipe is a must-try in my book for those who love methi (fenugreek leaves) and paneer!

Methi Malai Matar with Paneer is made with fresh fenugreek leaves, green peas, and soft chunks of paneer. Learn how to make this unforgettable methi paneer recipe on the stove in about 40 minutes.  

Paneer kofta curry

This recipe is a healthy take on restaurant-style paneer kofta curry!

Check out this healthy recipe for paneer koftas cooked in a scrumptious palak or spinach curry.

Paneer korma

This Mughlai-style paneer is a dish cooked in rich onion-based gravy and is perfect for parties!

Paneer Korma is a Mughlai style Paneer dish where paneer cubes are cooked in a rich onion based gravy. This curry is rich and creamy and goes well with Indian breads.

Kashmiri laal paneer

Bored of your usual paneer curries? Then try this easy and flavourful Kashmiri laal paneer.

Serve this flavorful Kashmiri laal paneer with phulka or rice to make a complete meal.

Paneer jalfrezi

Make this restaurant-style paneer jalfrezi in under 20 minutes!

Paneer Jalfrezi is a delicious stir-fry curry made with paneer & bell peppers. This vegetarian restaurant style dish can be made within 20 minutes.

Paneer vindaloo

In this dish, paneer is cooked in a spicy sauce, similar to the goan curry – chicken vindaloo.

Paneer Vindaloo, cooked in a spicy flavorful red sauce, is the vegetarian, gluten-free version of the Goan Vindaloo Curry.

Paneer lababdar

Paneer lababdar is a delicious curry made from paneer chunks and grated paneer simmered in a rich onion-tomato sauce. Make this restaurant favorite at home!

Paneer Lababdar is a creamy and luscious North Indian curry where paneer cubes and grated paneer are simmered in a rich onion-tomato-based gravy.


Instant Pot Paneer Biryani

Make this fragrant biryani with Basmati rice loaded with paneer and aromatic spices in your Instant Pot!

This easy Instant Pot paneer biryani recipe features seasoned paneer cubes, mixed veg, and tender basmati rice in a creamy tomato gravy. It's the perfect pressure cooker dish for a flavorful and cozy meal in only 40 minutes!

Achari paneer biryani

Another Instant Pot biryani recipe, but this paneer is seasoned with pickling spices. Such an exciting recipe!

This Achari Paneer Biryani features nutty basmati rice cooked with paneer and seasoned with tangy Indian pickling spices.

Paneer makhani biryani

This Paneer Biryani with Makhani gravy is a unique twist on vegetarian biryani. Check out the recipe below!

This delicious biryani is a unique twist on a vegetarian biryani that combines paneer makhani and biryani!

Paneer pulao

Paneer pulao is an absolute lip-smacking main course meal that is made by roasting large paneer cubes in ghee and then cooking them with rice. It is a one-pot meal that is healthy, delicious, and easy to make.

Paneer pulao is a healthy and delicious rice dish that can be made in under 30 minutes and is a great lunch box option.

What is best to eat with paneer?

Paneer curries can be savored with Basmati rice and Indian flatbreads. Here’s a collection of both rice dishes and Indian flatbreads for you to accompany your delicious curries.

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